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Move beyond the meditation apps to take your meditation to a whole new and deeper level. Discover the true power of meditation in private, one on one online meditation lessons.


Heal your mind. Access and heal the energy centers in your body. Find the meditation technique most appropriate for you.  Welcome happiness and love into your life with leading meditation master guide Devi Banani Ray

 How it Works

After you register and submit your payment for an online course, you are notified by email and offered a set of choices for the dates and times for the online sessions. You choose one, and confirm by email. You can email us, if you have a special preference. Then the session begins. You receive the energy of the Master on a one on one session and learn through an interactive experience. Devi Banani has deep spiritual experiences and will explain the fundamentals and deeper aspects of meditation, guiding you through the practice to a state of strong focus. calm and wellbeing.

About Your Meditation Teacher : Devi Banani Ray

When your inner switches are lighted up, you know that you are light. Meditation helps us to uncover that light. We are quanta of God- energy, playing, and vibrating and breathing as human beings! We are made of the light of God. We are made of the love of God. We are made of the bliss of God. Devi Banani Ray

Devi Banani is a leading meditation expert and an enlightened teacher from the Himalayan tradition of Wisdom and Self realization. She is a renowned international author of several books on meditation and infinite human potential, including Awakening Inner Guru, Glory of Om and Meditation: Walking the Path of Peace. The guide and mentor of many around the world, her passion is to teach meditation as a simple daily practice, as an art and science of living, so that anyone from any background can benefit from it. Having an experience of guiding students in meditation for more than 15 years, her style of teaching is compassionate, gentle and holistic, which focuses on the specific need of the student.

“As a meditation teacher I am always very happy to guide my students to a state of centered joy, peace, balance, and freedom from stress of daily life. Nothing makes me happier than teaching people how to meditate.” — Devi Banani Ray.

FAQ Online Meditation

The process for signing up is incredibly simple, and if you have any questions you can always contact us. You simply complete the booking form and submit your payment. You will receive an email with a set of choices for the dates and times for the online session of meditation. After you confirm one, or ask for any change, you will receive a confirmation email for the schedule of your online meditation class. After that, your meditation teacher contacts you with the Skype/ ZOOM info. And you’re good to go!
If you want to use a meditation app there are plenty of choices like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer. However, these mindfulness apps simply can not offer the same experience as a private online meditation lesson with an experienced and enlightened teacher. Perhaps this is best understood by looking at the fact that how our online meditation lessons work. In our online meditation session, your teacher will discuss with you about your lifestyle, choices and practice backgrounds, etc. so she can decide which meditation technique is going to be better for you to quieten your mind - your thoughts and your emotions. She listens to you like a best friend, and then, she uses her knowledge, experiences and insights to determine precisely the best type of meditation for you. She teaches all the traditional styles of meditation, Buddhist meditation, and secular practices like mindfulness meditation and also the NESM meditation. Most importantly, she guides you to a state of deep meditation effortlessly. She also gives you precise instructions for meditating, including your posture, dietary recommendations etc., and she gives you personalized guidance to clean your energy channels and lead you towards inner peace. It’s a level of connection you simply cannot get from a guided meditation app.
You get all the benefits of traditional meditation. Meditation reduces amygdala activity, increases parasympathetic nervous system activity, and balances chemicals like cortisol. It is excellent for relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety relief. But it goes much further. At the subtler level, meditation clears your energy channels of blockages and clears your auric field. The main benefit of a private online meditation lesson is that your teacher guides you through the process, taking note of your individual problems and difficulties. She helps you to find the right meditation technique, and teaches it to you in-person, so you have a powerful tool to heal your mind.
You can learn any types of traditional or modern meditation techniques, ranging from Mantra meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana meditation, Who- Am-I meditation, Visualization techniques, devotional meditation, concentration meditation, Upanishadic meditation to Chakra Meditations and beyond. You can choose any one type of meditation when you register, or you can depend on your teacher to find the right technique for you. We generally find that for the majority of the students certain methods work best; like some are more comfortable with the Anapanasati (mindful breathing), or Vipassana (insight meditation), while for some others specific mantra meditation, or chakra meditation suits best.
There are certainly some excellent online meditation courses you can attend. However, bear in mind that these online meditation courses are pre-recorded. You’re really just watching videos. Again, this simply is not the same experience as having a private online meditation teacher. In a live online meditation session like ours, your teacher sits with you during your meditation, listen to you and advise you. It’s the difference between: a) Having a teacher who is actually there with you, with all her knowledge, insight and expertise to help you, and b) Just watching a bunch of pre-recorded lectures. You decide for yourself which you think is better.
The fees for our online meditation class is $34.00 USD for for one 1 hour online / Skype session, $ 68.00 USD for two online / Skype sessions, 1 hour each, and $100.00 USD for three online / Skype sessions, 1 hour each. Besides this, we have courses like 36 Tattva Healing, Om meditation or Chakra heeling Diploma courses. They have different fees-structures.

What our Students Say

"I attended many meditation classes and am practicing Vipassana meditation for four years now, but this 36 Tattva class has deepest impact on my life. Without completing this course my practice was incomplete. Thanks!.

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown

Teacher, Manchester

"Thank you for the excellent Masters Training. It covered every aspects of deep meditation, spirituality and healing. The course was very informative, well organized, interesting, clear, and complete. I really loved it.

Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders

Healer, California

"I was new to meditation. I wouldn't have had the confidence or the competence without your wonderful training. The most interesting aspect of the lesson is that I always felt I was right there with the flow of divinity.

Ami Segal

Ami Segal

Designer, Marseille