Listen to Your Inner Voice

Learn to listen to your inner voice

inner voice

In quiet moments of reflection, the inner voice speaks within us. It is a small little voice that you may have felt in your chest when something is not right. Inner voice is the voice of your intuition. It may come from your right brain. Some experience it as a gut feeling.

Mastering the art of tuning into your your inner voice can lead you to a life of greatness. The moment you learn to listen to your inner voice, magical things happen in your life. You find genius, creativity, clarity and a hitherto unknown silent power emerging from the core of your being.

The secret is having a silent heart that is filled with love and gratitude to yourself. By daily practice of self-love and gratitude your inner voice becomes louder and clearer.

Many great revelations come when you attune to your inner voice. The great leaders and visionaries of the world have always been known to have the ability to attune to their inner voices. Those that mastered this art of listening to their inner voice have left their marks in history.

“There come moments in life,” said Mahatma Gandhi “when, a little voice within us tells us you are on the right track, move neither to your left nor right, but kept to the straight and narrow way.”

How to Tune with your Inner Voice?

Learn meditation, practice silence, and have some quiet time with yourself everyday.  Listen to your inner voice often. Your inner voice is the voice of your greater self. It knows no limits. It is ever fresh and creative. When you listen to many outer voices of others, you know limitation and live a life of mediocrity.  Listening to your inner voice will lead you to live your dream.

Decide now to attune to your inner voice to lead a more fulfilling life. Follow the steps below to attune to your wise inner guide.

  • Relax your body and take a few deep breaths. Relax your breathing.
  • Inhale and exhale through the nose slowly.
  • Tilt your head and look slightly upward. Turn your eyes up about 30 degrees.
  • Softly close your eyelids and let them become relaxed.
  • Place your attention on your forehead between the eyebrows.
  • Quieten your mind and feel your breathing.
  • Now think about something or someone in your life you are truly and deeply grateful for. Create a feeling of deep gratitude and continue to breathe deeply.
  • Now try to listen in silence, if your inner voice has any message for you.

If your message does not become immediately and clearly revealed, don’t worry. Keep practicing daily. It is especially important to practice when you are on a crossroad and can’t take a decision, or you are in a dilemma regarding the next course of action for a project. Your inner voice may speak later when you have just woke up from sleep or at any other quiet time.

“Prophet Mohammad learnt from his inner voice that directed him to read the Quran, though he was illiterate. The mysterious inner voice read through him, revealed to him the beautiful stanzas of the Quran.Awakening-Inner-Power The Chinese mystic Lao Tzu also attuned himself with his inner silence to learn the mysteries of life from the Nature. Listen to your own inner voice. Listen very attentively, very consciously, and you will never go wrong. When the inner Guru is awakened, the need for an outer Guru dissolves. When this awakening takes place, the disciple becomes one with the guru. You merge with your inner Guru. —From the book “Awakening Inner Guru” by Banani Ray and Amit Ray