Om Meditation – Thousand Suns Deep Meditation Online Course

Learn Deep  Om Meditation & Awaken the Splendid Sun Energy within

Om is the things, Om is the ingredient, Om is the container and the content of the Universe. – Banani Ray

The soothing sound of Om, and even, the simple practice of Om chanting can soothe the mind and has the potential to bring so much peace to a turbulent heart.

Then, what is the need for meditating with Om? While the practice of plain and simple vocal or mental Om chanting is a good practice, just chanting ”Om” or ”AUM” is not enough. Om is the signature of the Universe, and it has so much to offer in our lives. Om meditation is the process of activating the energy of Om at the subtler levels of our Chakras, psyche and the subconscious mind.

What is the Difference Between Om Chanting & Om Meditation?

Om Chanting is a process of aligning with the sound vibration of Om mantra, as you utter it vocally, or mentally. It is soothing for your body and mind.

However Om meditation is a subtler practice that can illuminate your body and mind and reveal your light-body. Om meditation is an age-old practice, originally practiced by the Vedic seers and sages of the yore, and has so much potential for modern life to make it stress-free, balanced, peaceful and happy beyond the everyday ups and downs.

Om Meditation actually has so much varieties and so much subtlety. It can unfold the mysteries of Life. It can lead you from darkness to light, from death to immortality, from sorrow, stress and anxiety of daily life to pure heavenly bliss.

What is the Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation?

Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation is a life-changing and satisfying core meditation practice and profound experience, designed for those, seeking a deeply spiritually transformative path to empowerment, self-love, energy, bliss, and compassion. The splendor of thousand rising Suns…. That’s how God is described in various ancient texts. Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation teachings will help you explore and find that splendor.

Om Thousand Suns Deep meditation awakens the subtle Chakras – energy vortices and the nerve-channels in the body. It specially works on the head and brain Chakras and Channels. 

Why is it called Deep Meditation?

Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation is a simple but amazing practice for diving deep into the subconscious mind for deep peace, awakening and effortless manifestation. The guided meditation actually has profound effect in deep cleaning the body and psyche, in cleaning the aura and healing the inner child. For most people, it is a most profound experience of deep meditation, even from the day one. It is an adventure into the deeper and subtler realms of your own consciousness.

Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation has healing effects on the body, mind and soul. It purifies the body, heal it, erases the past Karma and cleans the aura. It also cleans your astral body and illuminate your mind to help the ascension to your Light-being easy and almost effortless.

Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation is also a very good tool for stress relief and anxiety reduction. It is an empowering technique that ignites confidence and self love. If you are ready to embark upon the transformative journey on the royal path of light peace, bliss and self-realization, you are welcome to join  this course.

The profound teaching of this ancient deep meditation technique can build your radiant body, activate your higher Chakras, bring you out of anger, resentment and judgment, and dissolve negativities and challenges of life.

Course Highlights

Om Thousands Suns Deep Meditation is a concrete step by step simple process of meditation taught One on One Online. The ancient teaching backed with modern scientific understanding will take you beyond meditative highs and lows to truly embodying your radiant being of light.

Four Modules:

Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation Training has four modules, taught in four one-one-one Online classes, one hour each, normally, one every week. Each module ends with a guided session of deep meditation.

Module 1: Special Om chanting techniques with special effects of Karma Clearing, Prosperity and Healing.

Module 2: Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation Core technique

Module 3: Aura Cleaning and Light Body Ascension with the Heart of Om Meditation

Module 4: Cosmic Bliss Body and Ecstatic Oneness Meditation

  1. Four one on one Online classes on SKYPE
  2. Guided deep meditations and discussions on each Skype sessions
  3. PDF study materials
  4. Email support and personal guidance throughout the course to clear your doubts.

“Om is that God of love. Like a loving mother Om cleans us of our clutters collected through many incarnations.” ― Banani Ray

Om Meditation

Om Thousand Suns Deep Meditation is an easy-to-practice and effective technique developed by Devi Banani Ray that was revealed during her long Sadhana and meditation practices at the Himalayan range of Uttarkashi, Gangotri and Goumukh.

The guided meditation sessions are powerful experiences of deep meditation.  Even the students who had never meditated before report  attaining a profoundly peaceful and blissful meditative state. This deep meditation training can help to awaken your true hidden potential of peace, bliss and luminosity of higher consciousness.Om Meditation

Om Thousand Suns Deep meditation Benefits: Our students report increased mental clarity, illumination and positivity. Apart from that Om Thousand Suns Deep meditation technique is also reported to be helpful for:

Developing Focus, intelligence and good memory

Physical and mental health, stress-relief, and anxiety-reduction

Developing Self-love, confidence and greater self-awareness

Developing Concentration and mind power.

Developing oneness consciousness and better relationships.

​How it Works:

After you complete the registration, we will contact you to know about your time zone and availability. The date and time for the Online (Skype) Meditation sessions will be fixed on a mutually convenient time and date for you and Devi Banani Ray.

Om Meditation