Vedic and Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Online Course

Learn Vedic and Sanskrit Mantra Chanting

 A Course Designed to Enhance and Enrich Your Experience of the Sonorous, Colorful and Luminous world of the Sanskrit Mantras!

A 12-module, 3 Months deep-dive one-on-one online course with Devi Banani Ray, internationally respected spiritual teacher, mentor, poet, philosopher and author 

Learn Sankrit and mantra chanting

Online Sanskrit and Vedic Mantra Chanting Course is one of a kind designed to help you experience the transformative power of the sacred vibration of the Sanskrit letters. You will learn in one-on-one online Skype classes with  Internationally renowned Teacher Devi Banani Ray how to feel Sanskrit letters and words at the most ground level of your body and how to commune with the elements of creation through Sanskrit chanting – elements that also create your body and mind.

Learn through step-by-step proven practice techniques that make learning fun and accessible for people from any language background. You will learn those amazing and powerful Sanskrit mantras to start your day, to take a shower, to sanctify your water, to bless your food, to start your study or any job, among many others, so that you are successful in your endeavors and at the same time, always connected to your divine source, no matter what you are doing, or where you are, or whatever situations you are going through in your life. This is a key to stress-free and happy life, free from distractions.

You will learn how your ordinary life can be transformed to a sacred experience through the power of these powerful Sanskrit mantras coming down to the humans from the sages of the yore. You will know when to chant these Sanskrit mantras, how to chant these mantras and the know-how to make these mantras come alive for you. In eastern tradition, this is known as the art of ‘Mantra Chaitanya‘– the art of infusing life to a mantra, so that it is capable of manifesting the desired things.

With her two decades’ experience of teaching, Devi Banani will introduce you with the colorful, luminous and sensuous world of the Vedic and Sanskrit mantras that can enable you to connect with your mantra with new vitality and have a glimpse of the glorious peak of the Divine Vedic and Tantric  art of mantra chanting.

Module 1: Origin and History of Sanskrit language and its impact on your body and brain

Learn the History of Sanskrit language – Introduction to Sanskrit pronunciation and Sanskrit vocabulary for Yoga and Meditation. Also, learn how this language of gods positively affects your body and brain cells, and improve brain function.

Module 2: Sanskrit vowels and Mantras for healing and unblocking the chakras in your body

Immerse yourself in the Vibration of the Language of the Gods and goddesses. Learn Sanskrit vowels and mantras. Learn a special mantra to improve and illuminate your intellect, a Vedic mantra for peace and harmony, and an ancient peace chant for successful completion of a job.

Module 3: Sanskrit letters, feeling their vibration in your body and Mantra to remove stress, anxiety and depression

Feel the language resonate within your body! Learn the places of utterance and the vibratory Resonance – The consonants and Mantras of special energy vibrations and Sanskrit Mantras. Also, learn a powerful mantra to remove and stay away from stress, fear, anxiety, sickness and depression.

Module 4: Learn how Sanskrit words are joined or split, and Mantra for starting your day in tune with the Cosmos

Understand how the Sanskrit words and joined or split. Also learn the scientific Synergy and a special Sanskrit mantra for beginning your day, and the mantra for abundance, wisdom and protection. 

Module 5: The basic rules of Sanskrit pronunciation and the Sacred art of making a Mantra Come Alive 

Learn basic Sanskrit rules of pronunciation and transliteration. Also learn why Sanskrit is a very powerful medium of manifestation with mantras. Learn the sacred art and science of Mantra Chaitanya — making a mantra come alive for you. Also learn an amazing mantra for grounding, stability, security, wealth and all-round success. 

Module 6: Mantras for Removing the obstacles from your path and Mantra for Manifestation

Learn a Sanskrit mantra for removing obstacles in study or job. Also learn a secret mantra for manifestation and the special mantra for success in study. Also learn a special mantra to sanctify your water. 

Module 7: Sanskrit Mantra as an Armor for protection and Awakening the Divine Goddess energy within you and Mantra to Sanctify your meals

Learn a powerful mantra for protection and awaken the divine goddess energy within you. Also learn a special Vedic mantra for blessing your food – to be used during mealtimes.

Module 8: Special Sanskrit Mantras for Good Luck, Health, Healing and Prosperity

Learn how to chant special Sanskrit mantras for health, healing and prosperity. Also learn how a mantra can elevate your mind and connect you with the divine, so that you can experience the divine in your daily life. 

Module 9: Mantra chanting techniques using the power of  resonance and a special Goddess Mantra for vanquishing enemies and negative forces

Learn to avoid the most common mantra chanting blunders that even some of the most popular kīrtan artists and yoga teacher trainers don’t know. Learn a special Sanskrit mantra for health and longevity.

Module 10: Sanskrit mantras of Radical Cosmic Oneness and Selective Mantras from Ancient Yoga texts for your Daily Yoga practice 

Learn Sanskrit mantras of non-duality and radical oneness of being from the ancient texts. Learn the mantra for the joy of non-dual bliss. Learn selective mantras for using in your daily Yoga practice.

Module 11: An Introduction to Sanskrit Scriptures — Mantras from the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads

Learn a few important Sanskrit mantras from the much adored text of the Bhagavad Gita. Learn a special Sanskrit mantra for flowing in harmony and connecting with every element and the environment around you.

Module 12: Mantra for World Peace and Glimpses of the glorious peak of Vedic Sanskrit mantra chanting

Summary and revision of the Sanskrit mantras taught earlier. A few special Upanishadic and Vedic mantras for connecting to the blissful source of life, love, happiness and pure joy of being. A special Sanskrit Peace chant for Global peace.

Learn Sankrit and mantra chanting

What You will Get?

  1. Twelve one on one online classes spanned over 12 weeks (Or, at the pace convenient for you). Each online class is about an hour.
  2. Twelve study materials in PDF files, containing the Sanskrit letters, alphabets, vocabularies, mantras, chanting techniques, and whatever is taught in individual one on one classes. 
  3. Audio MP3s of the mantras for you to practice.

Who the Course is For?

Do you love Sanskrit mantra chanting, and want to learn the mantras in a systematic manner? Are you a chant lover who wants to enhance your skill? Are you a Yoga teacher who want to explore the full potential of the Sanskrit mantras? Do you have a mantra practice, but feel something is missing in your practice?

Do you want to learn Sanskrit pronunciation and discover the rich sonorous world of Vedic mantras? If so, you are in the right place. This course is an experiential journey in to the heart of the language.

Please note: This course is not meant for becoming a Sanskrit Scholar. If you want to study Sanskrit as a language, this course is NOT for you. In this course, Sanskrit is taught not as a language, but rather as a divine tool, as an divine expression to connect to the sacred world of the mantras; to connect with your supreme divine Self.

In this course, you will learn just the basics of the Sanskrit language required for correct pronunciation and understanding of the mantras in a scientific, easy and interactive manner. You will learn to experience the Sanskrit mantras both in a soulful and sensuous way, and chant in a joyful manner. This Sanskrit mantra chanting course is a journey to discover the colorful and luminous world of Sanskrit mantras in one on one classes, directly from the spiritual teacher, guide and author of several books, including a book of spiritual Sanskrit poetry (Om Sutra)..

Couse Fees:  $200 USD or Equivalent (Rs. 14,000/ INR)