Shri Maha Lakshmi Mantras and Meditation Course Online

Maha Lakshmi Mantras

Goddess Lakhshmi is worshipped anytime if we want to attune with the energy of wealth, abundance and beauty. Beauty is a remarkable aspect of Goddess Lakhshmi, and in Sanskrit she is described as Shrii. Shrii means beauty. Beauty can have three aspects:

The first form of beauty is the physical or material beauty, which can be manifested as a beautiful countenance, a beautiful dress, a beautiful car or home, or a beautiful surrounding.

The second form of beauty is a beautiful mind or personality.

The third form of beauty is the beauty of the soul or the spiritual beauty, manifested as inner silence, luminosity, peace bliss and blessedness.

Goddess Lakhsmi is the guardian and personification of all these three forms of beauty. She can bestow beauty in every sense of the term – material, sensual or spiritual.

Lakhsmi Mantra chanting and meditation opens us up to the grace, beauty and blessings of Goddess Lakhsmi. the gates to things and conditions that we desire in our life, and fills us with light joy and prosperity.

Join Mahadevi Banani for a 6-class series exploring this magnificent aspect of the Divine feminine power as Goddess Lakhsmi. This is a 6 weeks course, consisting of melodious mantra chanting and guided meditations, each session lasting for about one hour.

In this six week mantra course, you will learn the subtleties of Lakhsmi, the powerful energy of wealth, abundance and beauty that everybody desires in life. Learn step-by-step, invoking Lakhsmii in her compassionate form, closely related to Durga.

In this six week mantra course, through chant and guided meditations, you will immerse yourself in these sacred words and receive abundant blessings of Maha Lakhsmi!

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction to the Goddess Lakhsmi, also called Maha Lakhsmi, the great divine feminine energy for beauty, abundance and prosperity. You will learn the spiritual science of mantras and simple Lakhsmi mantras for invoking the grace of Lakhsmi through chanting and meditation.

Module 2: Mantra Power and Shri Siddhi Lakhsmi mantra, chanting and meditation. The Mahalakhsmi Gayatri mantra practice.

Module 3: The Instantly effective (Sadya-phaladā) Sri Lakhsmi Stava-Hridayam mantra, chanting and Meditation

Module 4: Om, the pranava and Mahalakhsmi— the special Śrī Kamalā Stotram mantra chanting to please the great mother goddess— a very special mantra and meditation for fulfilment of all desires for wealth.

Module 5: Śrī Mahālakṣmī Pañjara Stotram Mantra and meditation

Module 6: Śrī Mahalakhsmi Ashtakam and Dvādaśākṣara Mahālakṣmī Mantra – the 12 letter Mahalakshmi mantra chanting and meditation.

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