Significance of Om Mantra Chanting

Learn the meaning and the Significance of Om Mantra Chanting


What is the difference between Om mantra and other ordinary Words?

Om is no ordinary word. It is the Word of the words. As the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) OM is the breath of God, the breath of the eternal, the voice of silence. To understand the significance of Om mantra you need to understand the esoteric secret of words and sounds. Mantras actually create a sound vibration, audible or inaudible.

The Intent and the Vibration

There are two things hidden in a word, any word. One is the meaning — or the intent which makes us utter the word. Another is the sound vibration latent in the word. All the words in this Universe create sound vibrations.

The sound vibration works at the grosser or material level. The intent creates an energy that works on the subtle realms. Ordinary words carry intents that signify mundane everyday kind of experience. Ordinary words or sounds are projections of the ordinary mind, expressing some worldly ideas. So they barely have the capacity to carry us to the infinite. They do not have the capacity to silence our chattering minds or transport us to heavenly bliss and peace. Om is the soundless sound of the existence. It has the capacity to carry us to the Divine. It has the capacity to silence the chattering of the mind and transport the awareness to heavenly peace.

Infinite Love: Signature of the Infinite

Om inner SunActually the word Om does not have any meaning for everyday use. Om is the signature sound of the infinite. It is believed that Om was the sound of creation of this Universe. Many modern yogis like to think it as the sound of the Big Bang. The ancient Hindu sages say, the Sun is shining signing Om at its core, the earth is moving along its orbit singing the holy Om. All the planets and stars in the sky are signing Om in sacred celebration of the Creator. Om is the music of the spheres in the space.

In our earthly existence too, we are surrounded by sounds and music everywhere. However, only certain sounds have the power to transport us into the sublime. We know that from our intimate personal experience. Perhaps some of us have never tasted the magic of the sacred sound Om. Or, if you are one of the fortunate few who regularly access the infinite well of this sacred sound, you may be thirsty for more, aware about its infinite potential to fulfill you.

Sacred sound Om has the emotion of love encapsulated in it. The practice of chanting Om with devotion gradually leads to the culmination of the most sought-after human pursuit – pure love.

NoteCopyrighted material: Excerpt From the book- Om Meditation- by Banani Ray