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112 Mantra-Yoga Teacher Training Course

Welcome to the World of Sacred Sounds and the Heart of the Ancient Mantras

Ray 112 Mantra-Yoga Teacher Training Course

A Nine Module Profound Mantra Learning Online Course 

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With Devi Banani Ray, an enlightened mystic, internationally respected meditation teacher and founder of International Institute of Scientific Meditation

This 112 mantra course is a sacred journey that will take you to the heart of the ancient mantras, a world of light, color and sound. This course includes the Beeja Mantras, Matrika Mantras, Devi (Goddess) Mantras, Shiva Mantras, Ganesha Mantras, Taraka Mantras, Gayatri Mantra, Protection mantras, Vedic Peace Mantras, Narayana mantras and other mantras for health, wealth, healing, prosperity, manifestation, deep spirituality and the total well-being. 

This is an intensive 9 Weeks Course on 112 Mantras. You will learn the associated meditation techniques with them. You will learn different arts of purifying the mantras and the art of adding extra power and effectiveness to the mantras.… Read more ..

Om Chanting Benefits and secret

Three Basic Secrets of Om Chanting

Learn the 3 Basic Secrets of Om Chanting

Om Chanting removes Distractions

Om chanting is one of the most ancient spiritual practices on earth. Om, also called AUM, is the purest of all mantras. It is not without a reason that humans are carrying on the practice of Om chanting from the yore to the modern digital age.

Om chanting can make the mind calm and balanced. Normally our awareness is scattered to our external world of forms and phenomena. Besides daily activities, modern human life has thousand sources of distractions like the social media, emails and apps notifications, and what not.  We almost always live in our mental world of our thoughts, memories, hopes, aspirations and desires. The soothing sound of Om can immediately bring the mind back to the present moment.

When we consciously do the Om chanting, mentally, or vocally, our awareness enters the sound vibration of the mantra.Read more ..