Upanishadic Meditations and Quantum Consciousness Online Course

Powerful Meditations from Upanishads and Quantum Consciousness 

Discover your Cosmic Identity through a 9-Weeks Structured Guided Meditation Online Course  

By Devi Banani Ray

The Upanishadic meditation and quantum consciousness course is important for developing positive mindset and calmness, enhancing cognition and alertness, creating and maintaining positive emotions, promoting relaxation, improving relationships, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Upanishads are knowledge of the eternal, coming directly from the Cosmic Source. They were revealed to the Aryan sages and Rishis who lived a fulfilling life. They handed over this wisdom and art of living often to their sons, daughters, wife and disciples.

This ancient teachings of the art of living had been obscured, misinterpreted and lost over time. But what’s fascinating about the Upanishads is that even though its teachings are now thousands of years old, they are just as relevant today as they were back then.

Upanishadic Meditation is meditation distilled from the ancient repository of knowledge taught by the seers. Amazingly, these concepts of Upanishads find strong parallels in areas of modern physics such as quantum physics and cosmology. The Founding fathers of quantum physics such as Bohr, Schrodinger and Heisenberg were deeply impressed with eastern religious philosophy, particularly, the Upanishads.

Upanishadic Meditations and Quantum Consciousness

Upanishadic Meditations and Quantum Consciousness

Upanishads are medicine to conquer the fear stress and anxiety of life – Devi Banani Ray

The Course Contents

The Upanishadic Meditation Course includes  teachings and discussion on the basic concepts of the 16 fundamental Upanishads and Guided Meditation in the light of Upanishadic wisdom and modern quantum science. Each session is about one hour, containing half theory and half practice!

Introduction : The Core teachings and the heart of the Upanishads – (The basic premises of the course, sent as pdf Study material)

Module 1: Purification and divinization of the Five Elements in the body – A path towards Healing and Wholeness

Module 2: Purification of Five Sheaths and Hridaya-Akasha (Sky of the Heart) Dharana – for liberating the heart from past emotional baggage

Module 3: Prana Vidya, Prana Worship and connection with the Cosmic Prana – for enlightening the mind

Module 4: Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Shunya- the great void and Brahman – A journey to discover your grand Cosmic Identity

Module 5: Quantum Reality, Absence of Objective Reality and Quantum Consciousness – Explore the Truth of this Existence

Module 6: The nectar of Pranava the glorious Om and the divine inner light for healing the mind – An adventure to the heart of the Universe

Module 7: Five Great Sayings – (Pancha Mahavakyas) and path to Self realization – Sayings that has the potential to liberate you from all anxiety and fear

Module 8: Virat – the Cosmic whole and the great Cosmic Womb – Know the source you came from

Module 9: The Brahman, the Maya, the Observer and Quantum Law of Attraction (LOA) – Know how the Universe works

Enjoy the bliss of deep meditation with our guided meditation – guided by Devi Banani, an enlightened Master of the Himalayan Wisdom Tradition. You will learn nine valuable meditation techniques for opening and healing your heart, liberating your mind and making yourself calm, blissful and stress-free, by releasing the pent-up emotional garbage. You will learn how the law of attraction works and influenced by the power hidden within you.

Course Fees: $300 USD

Course Fees: $300 USD 
Duration: 9 Weeks (Total 9 sessions, One Hour each)
Location: Online via Skype / ZOOM/ WhatsApp
Benefits: You will learn the joyful art of deep meditation, nine meditation techniques for opening and healing your heart, liberating your mind and making yourself calm, blissful and stress-free. You will learn how the law of attraction works and influenced by the power hidden within you.   
Study Material: You will get Seven PDF Files as Study Material.

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Discover Your Grand Cosmic Identity

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies was made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star-stuff.”
– Carl Sagan, Cosmos

This existence and the vast canopy of space above and below us is indeed a treasure-house of wonders. The more we learn about our cosmos the more we discover about ourselves. We are actually a tiny part of this grand cosmos which surrounds us from everywhere. The Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness course is a grand opportunity to explore and discover your grand Cosmic identity.

Based on her years of deep Sadhana in the Himalayas, revered Banani Ray had distilled these techniques from the Upanishads and infused it with the understanding of modern science to deliver a unique experience to the seekers and participants. Upanishadic meditation and Quantum consciousness is a perfect platform where science is married with spirituality, where the boundary between the sacred and secular fades away.

This program is designed for those seeking a deeply transformative path of applied spirituality, which you can live in your daily life for inner awakening and deepest relaxation and focus, which means an empowered and enlightened living. Mental clarity and peace are just the byproducts.

If you are ready for a life-changing experience, this program is certainly for you. This course may change your perspective, the way you look at your life, and lead you to realization of who you really are.

How it Works

After you register and submit your payment for an online session, you are notified by email and offered a set of choices for the dates and times of the live one on one online session.

You choose one, and confirm by email. You can let us know, if you have a special preference. Then the session follows. You receive the energy of the Master on a one on one session and learn through an interactive experience.

The online meditation classes are provided by Devi Banani Ray, as one-to-one online Skype /Zoom/ WhatsApp sessions at mutually convenient date and time. The duration of each session is about an hour. The course includes guided meditations, discussions, and study material.

Devi Banani Ray has many years of deep meditation experience in the Himalayas in the tradition of Upanishads. She will explain the fundamentals and deeper aspects of meditation and will guide you through the practice to a state of deep spirituality, relaxation, focus, calmness and wellbeing. 

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