Banani Ray is a internationally respected spiritual teacher and philanthropist. She is a mystic, mentor, an accomplished speaker and an enlightened teacher in the Himalayan Wisdom tradition. An acclaimed international author of several books on meditation and infinite human potential, she has founded the Neuro Epigenetic Scientific Meditation (NESM™) technique and has a wide following of students in many countries, including UK, USA, Spain, Brazil and India. Her passion is to teach meditation as a simple daily practice, as an art and science of living, so that anyone from any background can benefit from it. She is the Course Director and co-founder of International Institute of Scientific Meditation.

She teaches you how you can reprogram your own consciousness and ascend to higher spiritual realm. Her writings help spread the profound and genuine spiritual knowledge and teachings on the deeper truths of life in a way so that anyone from anywhere and any background can understand and take advantage of it.  Her wisdom and realization of deeper truths of life is reflected in her teachings.

She is an accomplished and sought-after speaker, and is invited by Organizations, Institutes and Universities as a speaker and a teacher of meditation. With her loving kindness, deep insight about life and profound spiritual wisdom, she gently guides her students on their chosen paths. She is also available online through Skype for personal guidance on Om Meditation, Gayatri Mantra Meditation, 36 Tattva Meditation and Vipassana Meditation.

She conducts courses, retreats, workshops, and speaks on Meditation and human consciousness, Science of Meditation and Eastern Wisdom Traditions.  Her talks and workshops include:

  • Om  Thousand Suns Meditation
  • Vipassana Meditation and Emotional Intelligence
  • The Third Eye: The Gateway to Soul
  • Sanskrit- The Language of the Divine and Vedic Mantra Meditation
  • Silence: The Storehouse of Fathomless Inner Power