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Om Chanting Benefits and secret

Three Basic Secrets of Om Chanting

Learn the 3 Basic Secrets of Om Chanting

Om Chanting removes Distractions

Om chanting is one of the most ancient spiritual practices on earth. Om, also called AUM, is the purest of all mantras. It is not without a reason that humans are carrying on the practice of Om chanting from the yore to the modern digital age.

Om chanting can make the mind calm and balanced. Normally our awareness is scattered to our external world of forms and phenomena. Besides daily activities, modern human life has thousand sources of distractions like the social media, emails and apps notifications, and what not.  We almost always live in our mental world of our thoughts, memories, hopes, aspirations and desires. The soothing sound of Om can immediately bring the mind back to the present moment.

When we consciously do the Om chanting, mentally, or vocally, our awareness enters the sound vibration of the mantra.Read more ..

How does Meditation and Mindfulness control and reduce your Fear and Anxiety?

Learn how Meditation and Mindfulness control and reduce your Fear and Anxiety

Our earthly existence is fraught with fear. Most people have one or more fears in their lives. Some people fear that they may die. For others it may be fear of falling down, fear of a creature, fear of failure, fear of public speaking or even the fear of rejection. The list can go on and on.

Why does Fear Exist at all?

Nature has created ‘fear’ in animals as a tool for self-preservation. We human beings as a species are no exception. We feel fear, as well as related emotions, in order to protect ourselves from danger and to heighten our awareness. If we didn’t have fear, we would have been careless and that could endanger our lives. Scientists have found that this emotion of fear is predicted, perceived, and controlled by a part of our brain known as the Amygdala.… Read more ..

Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action and Flow Psychology

Learn Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action and Flow Psychology

From the moment we are born, and the mind has come to existence, our senses always flow in the outward direction. Doing something, engaging in some action, Karma, comes most naturally to us. If you are a person of action, an energetic doer type, work is important to you. But how many of us feel happy with our everyday jobs? Can our job give us so much satisfaction that we might look forward to them?

What is Karma Yoga?

Yoga-with-Flow-PsychologyIn its ultimate sense, Yoga is actually the state of blissful union, which synchronizes the body, mind and spirit, at the microcosmic level and which ultimately leads to the grander union with the macrocosmic universe or the source energy. It can happen even with our ordinary daily jobs on certain conditions, and when this happens through action, it is called Yoga in action, or Yoga of action, which is also known as ‘Karma Yoga’.… Read more ..

Mindful Painting

Mindful Painting

lighted lotus

I have  painted

A rainbow in my mind,

Stealing the colours

From the butterfly.

I have painted

Joy in my heart,

Stealing the blue

From the sky.

I have paintedBuddha'sSmile


Stealing the smile

From the Buddha’s face.

I have painted peace

In my soul,

Stealing a child’s innocence.

I am the painter

And the painting;

I am the pen

And the drawing;

The sleeping Buddha —

Long is he waiting;

Search not outside

But find him within,

And you’ll find

Nirvana effortless.

From the book “Buddha’s Smile” by Banani Ray